Three Portrait Narrative – Final Images

The brief requested ambient light only, and the use of three different focal lengths to create a narrative. I wanted my images to look like they could be used in a National Geographic feature, because I like the informal familiarity of that publication’s articles. The images are close and relaxed; personal rather than editorial. I … Continue reading Three Portrait Narrative – Final Images

Environmental Editorial – Final Images

Following on from this post, which covers my first attempt at this brief, I reshot the three images with controlled supplementary lighting (off camera flash). Positive AspectsI’ve included here the three final images I submitted for the brief. I like the varied compositions, and I think I’ve done a good job of getting the subject’s … Continue reading Environmental Editorial – Final Images

Studio Portraiture – Final Images

BriefHigh, Mid, and Low Key Portraits The picture editor of a weekend broadsheet publication has requested three portraits, using high, mid, and low key lighting. In addition, the article's layout requires a close (head and shoulders), mid (waist up) and full body portrait. Research high, mid, and low-key lighting stylesmodel positioningstylingcomposition I'm looking primarily at … Continue reading Studio Portraiture – Final Images