It’s lambing season at Westmill, where Tom and I (and Sebastian the cat) are hunkering down through the Covid-19 lockdown. Morag was the first of the four ewes to start yesterday, (10th April) and required human intervention to deliver her twin girls (Muriel and Millie). Millie seemed a little subdued (/dim/muppety) but this morning, at 18 hours old, she’s doing great! She and her sister will be let out of the lambing shed, into the main field, later today.

Katie, Ruby, and Pearl are still to go, due anytime from now until mid-April. They’ve given me a good reason to have the camera charged, which is especially appreciated considering I’ve been in a total funk lately. They are also a very welcome, adorable distraction at the moment.

Let this photo of a day-old lamb distract you from whatever is getting you down at the moment, too.

Pam with the second twin, now named Millie

Ruby went into labour yesterday (13th April), and this morning she had birthed her own lambs without intervention: twins, a white girl (Rosie); and a black boy, who we shouldn’t really name but in my head he’s Rupert… He’s adorable and boisterous, and Ruby is a very protective mama sheep.

Rosie isn’t doing too well so far, she sleeps as much as Sebastian does, and lacks the new-lamb bounce that her brother already possesses. I want her to pull through because she is just lovely.

Morag’s two have been getting bolder – at three days old, they’re so inquisitive and playful.

Bonus: nightfall at Westmill

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