Graded Unit – Idea

I like the concept of combining portraits and environmental/architectural shots in post-production to create images reminiscent of old B movies, such as Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, but in a contemporary context.

This idea challenges scale and perspective, and is in the same realm as Salvador Dali’s Surrealist art.

Hugh Kretschmer

Other examples include Rene Magritte, Man Ray, amongst historical and contemporary photographers.

I am interested in the contortion of reality into a not-quite-real imagery via photography, especially given that it is a medium which is often thought of to be, historically at least, more faithful than other formats. “The camera never lies”, and all that. Except…

In 1893, Hannah Maynard’s Tea Time is proudly breaking every stereotypical notion that I had in my head of Victorian feminine values, and of the ‘truth’ of early photography: In this almost surreal multiple-exposure image, Maynard is hosting a tea party. And serving at it… And attending it. All at once.

For me, photography can be dead serious or great fun. Trying to capture the elusive truth with a camera is often frustrating toil. Trying to create an image that does not exist, except in one’s imagination, is often an elating game” – Philippe Halsman

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