Bottle shot with one light

Examples of bottles shot with controlled lighting:

In #6 the reflection of a light is visible on the bottle, which is distracting from the overall image. The label is also not clearly readable, compared to several of the others, where the labels have been exposed for and most likely blended in post-production.

This article by Photography Firm had some useful tips on photographing glassware, including one tip I promptly forgot about dusting the bottle before shooting.

The difference made using an additional light source: Backlight only (L); and with an additional softbox (R). The same thing can be done with one light source, by moving the light sources, stacking layers in PS. Image credit: Expert Photography

The Shoot

I set up the bottle on a bar top, which has a bare brick wall behind it. My Canon 80D was set on the tripod a couple of metres away, with the following settings: ISO 100; f/11; and 1/125 s shutter speed. I made a stripbox out of black card and greaseproof paper, and for shooting the background I made a snoot out of black card and tape. #thisisartattack

Lighting set up for right hand highlights. Set up was flipped for left highlights, and the reflector was added for the label and cap.
A homemade snoot was used to achieve the background light in image 6 below.

I optimised the images in ACR, stacked them in Adobe PS and created layer masks to bring through the elements I wanted from each.

Once I was happy with the composition, I made the relevant adjustments (dodge and burn, sharpening, and cropping) and added a border:

Glenkinchie, limited edition

When I reshoot, I will try a more neutral background and set up the bottle further from it. I’ll also try to position it further back on the bar to align up the label more neatly, and make sure it’s free from dust and fingerprints before commencing the shoot.

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